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How to resolve issue: NSLU2 Samba server doesn’t respect file modification times

Posted by on 28 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: robobait

I just resolved a problem which has been an annoyance for two years. I’m posting the details as robobait in the hopes it will help others.

Our family network includes a Samba file server hosted on an NSLU2 server appliance by Linksys (now a part of Cisco). A long time ago we changed to the Unslung open firmware for the NSLU2 (or “Slug”, as we call it).    It’s a wonderful combination, powered by a rich assortment of free software created by many volunteers. I appreciate their efforts.

But two years ago, I moved my personal computing from a laptop running Mac OS X 10.3 to one running Mac OS X 10.5. On the new 10.5 laptop, I noticed that the NSLU2 failed to respect file modification times. That is, if I had a file created on Dec 1, 2007 on my laptop, and I dragged it to a Samba volume hosted on the NSLU2, then the time stamp on the copied file was changed to the present time. The Dec 1, 2007 modtime was lost. Similarly, if I used touch -t from the Mac OS X command line to change the timestamp on a file hosted on the NSLU2 Samba volume, the operation failed. If I tried  sudo touch -t, that succeeded, just until another client viewed the file — at which point the timestamp snapped to the present again. However, if I copied a file resident on the NSLU2 Samba volume to another location on the volume, the timestamp was preserved.

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How to plug in to the Vancouver Social Media scene

Posted by on 14 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: meetings and conferences, Vancouver

A colleague from Green College, UBC, freshly graduated with an MFA in Poetry, but also with work experience in editing and publishing, is looking for a job in the Lower Mainland. At a party yesterday, we talked about the Vancouver (British Columbia) social media scene, and how she can get plugged in to it, and make it part of her job search. I’ve posted my ideas below. Do you have other leads for newcomers to plug into the local social media scene?  Please post them in the comments. Maybe, together, we can build a useful resource for other seekers.

Urban British Columbia in general, and the Vancouver metro area in particular, has thriving technology and social media communities.  (There’s industry in there somewhere, also.) This community exists in part through face-to-face relationships, and in part on-line. Through this community, you can meet interesting people, learn what is happening in the industry, network for job leads, and of course have a good time.

There’s nothing terribly unusual about the techniques for plugging into this community as opposed to any other. But here is my advice for specific starting points.

Basic Identity and Persona

The first thing to have is an identity, a way for people to refer to you and link to you. From this identity you will grow an online persona.

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