I’m delighted and proud to have been invited back to give my tutorial to the 38th Internationalization and Unicode Conference (IUC38) this November in Santa Clara, California.

Title: Building multilingual websites in Drupal 7 and Joomla 3
Date: Monday, November 3, 2014, 10:30-12:00. Track 3, tutorial morning session 2.
Here’s my abstract:

A practical look at the language and locale capabilities of Joomla! 3 and Drupal 7, two leading free software content management systems (CMSs). They let you build more powerful, more international websites faster. We look at: their core internationalisation and locale services, and localisation of UI and content. Each platform just had a major release, with advances in internationalisation. You will leave with specific tips for building your own site. We don’t assume Joomla or Drupal experience, but do include material for advanced practioners. A good tutorial for web site product managers, web designers, developers, and managers of international web teams.

The venue is the 38th Internationalization and Unicode Conference. It takes place November 3-5, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, California. They have a day of tutorials and two days of presentations; check out the IUC38 program. The whole thing costs $1395, and you can attend just the tutorials or just the presentations for reduced prices. Register by September 19, 2014 to get the early bird discount.

I’m a big fan of this event. I love the content: internationalisation of software, fonts for different writing systems, case studies of adding support for interesting languages to some technology system or other, details of writing systems that are due for encoding. But I love even more the people whom this conference attracts. Yes, they share my interests. But even more, the experience and skills that make them interested in internationalisation tends to make them fascinating people in their own right.

P.S. Dear future: sometime, probably in early 2015, the IUC 38 materials will move out of the main part of the unicodeconference.com site, and the links in this blog will become wrong. The IUC38 material will likely appear at an archive URL like http://www.unicodeconference.org/iuc38/index.htm or some such URL. If that fails, look in the Unicode consortium’s directory of past IUC websites.