Internet Marketing Conference in Vancouver, September 11-12, 2008I’m going to be a panelist at the Internet Marketing Conference Vancouver 2008, which runs from September 11-12, 2008. The panel is called “Writing for the Web“. It is full of experts on writing — and then there’s me. I’ll be approaching from the topic crosswise, talking about international and multilingual issues. In other words, how your writing is affected if it will be translated, or is part of a multinational project.

The panelists are an interesting bunch. I’m looking forward to meeting them. They are:

The “Writing for the Web” panel is from 9-10:30h on Friday, September 12.  The agenda lists it as a panel discussion followed by a workshop. We’ve bent that a little. We’re going to use the whole time for a brief bit of exposition by us, and a lot of participant-driven mini-topics.

They asked us to come up with our “top three” points. Mine will be:

  1. The world is closer than you think.
  2. Produce internationalised work which can be localised easily
  3. Internationalisation is everyone’s job

So how can you see us?  The Internet Marketing Conference covers “web analytics, search engine marketing, content management, testing, targeting, and much more”. It is held at the Coast Plaza Hotel, 1763 Comox Street, Vancouver.  The full agenda runs from 09-18h Thursday Sept 11, followed by networking and then dinner; on Friday it goes from 08:40h-16:15h. Registration is CAD$995 for the two days.

I hope to see you there!

Update Sept 8: Added URL for Tom McNamara.