Right!  I was supposed to announce this three weeks ago!

I’ve posted the slides from my Dec 10 presentation, “Expand your reach with a successful multilingual web strategy”.  I gave this talk to the  Vancouver chapter of the International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA)’s monthly meeting.

IIMA’s meeting was a marvelous event. This is a knowledgeable crowd. Several in the audience were in some kind of multilingual or multinational business, which made for really good questions. Others were people I’d met as a panelist at September’s Internet Marketing Conference.  (Not surprising, because IIMA co-sponsored IMC Vancouver.) It was good to see Jon Husband (the “wirearchy” guy), for example. I made several good contacts there, as at IMC.

As an engineer, I’m a bit surprised at how good the contacts are that I make at events with “Marketing” in the title. A bit threatening to my engineer cred, perhaps.

I had funny double-take the week before the talk. I keep my eyes peeled for international and multilingual internet happenings in Vancouver. So I was delighted to find, on my morning read, a TechVibes event listing for the week of December 8th – 15th which promised a talk Wednesday night  on “Expand Your Reach With A Successful Multi-Lingual Web Strategy”at the YWCA, but didn’t mention the speaker. Fascinating!  I instantly leapt for my calendar, to see if I was free to attend this multilingual internet happening — only to find that I was busy that evening, being the speaker for that very event!  Oops, how embarrassing, I didn’t recognise my own title!

It would have been even worse if I canceled my talk in order to attend to the one in TechVibes, I suppose.

Many thanks to my gracious hosts at IIMA Vancouver: Jeff Conatser of Memlink, and especially Ean Jackson of Analytics Marketing, who was my IIMA liaison for the talk.